Scam or Genuine

Unfortunately for the honest paving contractors out there, this profession has a reputation for scams and untruthful contractors.
Watch out for:
• Contractors who find you, rather than you finding them.
• Contractors who say they have "leftover asphalt from another job" and will cut you a good deal.
• Contractors who seem to be moving through the area, rather than local, permanent contractors.

  • Check MHIC # online. A license number is just a number, unless you look it up and check it out. ACTIVE is the key !

I found this (^^) online from a PA paving company. (minus the MHIC info) It was good information to pass along, and glad to see other solid reputable contractors sticking up for the good. We are far and few between, but good paving companies, that really care, are out there.

Have a nice end of the summer!
~Absolute Paving, Inc.

Creative ways to create curb appeal to your home

We all want our home to be beautiful. Talked about as we drive by it. Did you see that home with the new asphalt driveway? Curb appeal helps your home value and helps in selling your home.

New landscaping helps! A new driveway helps! And a fresh painting of the house or new siding (cleaned or replaced).

Asphalt is the cheaper option when doing a new driveway..concrete can add up. We are here if you like to discuss benefits and estimates.

Paving and the more you know

Feeling scammed about an estiamte on your driveway or parking lot? Feeling uneasy about that estimate or estimator? Asphalt price just too low? Prices ranging from high to super low?

If you have ranges of asphalt prices that are not consistent, then there is a problem. Get a few more estimates from referred companies. Always check the "SCOPE" of what a contractor says they are going to do. Some also say the right things, but do not give you what they say. That is the worst. You can ask any of our clients past and present...we go above and beyond and give exactly or even more what we say. QUALTIY QUALITY !

Fell on this The site speaks to homeowners or business owners about what you really need to beware of. I can tell you as a business owner, however it is nice to see it from a unbiased view.

There are companies out to scam you. Plenty of them. Those shiny new pieces of equipment are not always the best way to go. They rent, or purcahse on credit and never pay the bill off. Or declare bankrupcy and change their name and start up under another company name. Call you local asphalt plant and check if the company you are thinking of hiring pays thier asphalt invoices. Or ask around'll be surprised.

Stay cool! Hope to hear from you to estimate your commercial parking lot or residential driveway.

selling a home and asphalt

Does getting an asphalt driveway repaved make sense to selling my home?

Sometimes it does. We have found that people don't want to spend much to repave the driveway when they are not going to be living there anymore. Our company does quality work and workmanship that will last, and it may not fit your budget or it may. But it is the only way we will do the work.

If your house is not selling and the feedback you are getting is the driveway is in horrible condition, then think about repaving it. Placing 1 INCH of asphalt on top is not the answer. Your new homeowners will have a broken up driveway 2 years later. Try to get at least 1-1/2 to 2 INCHES compacted. A compelete removal and replacing may be the better option too.

If your driveway is ok, and could last another 5 years and just needs a "refresher", then seal coat it. We DO NOT advise to seal coat, however that is the only time we will say go ahead. It is purely cosmetic.

Hope this helps in your selling or buying of a home and what to do with the asphalt driveway!