Scam or Genuine

Unfortunately for the honest paving contractors out there, this profession has a reputation for scams and untruthful contractors.
Watch out for:
• Contractors who find you, rather than you finding them.
• Contractors who say they have "leftover asphalt from another job" and will cut you a good deal.
• Contractors who seem to be moving through the area, rather than local, permanent contractors.

  • Check MHIC # online. A license number is just a number, unless you look it up and check it out. ACTIVE is the key !

I found this (^^) online from a PA paving company. (minus the MHIC info) It was good information to pass along, and glad to see other solid reputable contractors sticking up for the good. We are far and few between, but good paving companies, that really care, are out there.

Have a nice end of the summer!
~Absolute Paving, Inc.