Paving and the more you know

Feeling scammed about an estiamte on your driveway or parking lot? Feeling uneasy about that estimate or estimator? Asphalt price just too low? Prices ranging from high to super low?

If you have ranges of asphalt prices that are not consistent, then there is a problem. Get a few more estimates from referred companies. Always check the "SCOPE" of what a contractor says they are going to do. Some also say the right things, but do not give you what they say. That is the worst. You can ask any of our clients past and present...we go above and beyond and give exactly or even more what we say. QUALTIY QUALITY !

Fell on this The site speaks to homeowners or business owners about what you really need to beware of. I can tell you as a business owner, however it is nice to see it from a unbiased view.

There are companies out to scam you. Plenty of them. Those shiny new pieces of equipment are not always the best way to go. They rent, or purcahse on credit and never pay the bill off. Or declare bankrupcy and change their name and start up under another company name. Call you local asphalt plant and check if the company you are thinking of hiring pays thier asphalt invoices. Or ask around'll be surprised.

Stay cool! Hope to hear from you to estimate your commercial parking lot or residential driveway.