selling a home and asphalt

Does getting an asphalt driveway repaved make sense to selling my home?

Sometimes it does. We have found that people don't want to spend much to repave the driveway when they are not going to be living there anymore. Our company does quality work and workmanship that will last, and it may not fit your budget or it may. But it is the only way we will do the work.

If your house is not selling and the feedback you are getting is the driveway is in horrible condition, then think about repaving it. Placing 1 INCH of asphalt on top is not the answer. Your new homeowners will have a broken up driveway 2 years later. Try to get at least 1-1/2 to 2 INCHES compacted. A compelete removal and replacing may be the better option too.

If your driveway is ok, and could last another 5 years and just needs a "refresher", then seal coat it. We DO NOT advise to seal coat, however that is the only time we will say go ahead. It is purely cosmetic.

Hope this helps in your selling or buying of a home and what to do with the asphalt driveway!