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Should I seal coat my driveway? What's the difference between sealer and paving?

Sealcoating is a liquid application that coats a driveway or asphalt surface with a liquid rubberized material. It is much like the consistency of water or paint. It can be sprayed on or brushed on. Brusing is usually the more expensive ( a matter of cents per square foot )but it will last longer. We do not advise sealcoating a driveway unless you want to add only a "curb appeal" to it. Call us and find out more if interested!

Paving is adding more asphalt to your exisiting driveway or taking out your driveway and starting from scratch. The material is usually in inches when applied and will last much longer and cost much more. (The budget is in dollars per square foot, not cents like the sealer product)

We get many calls from clients that do not know the difference, so we hope this helps. We at Absolute Paving hope you find this helpful. Even though we specialize in paving, we can assist in making a honest decision on what your driveway truly needs.