driveway paving company

Is it too late to find a paving contractor?

Is it too cold you may ask? Do I have time? Do they have time? These are all great questions to ask yourself now, as we approach Winter. But temperatures have been so mild, we are getting things done! Let's touch on a few of these open topics:

  • Is it too cold? As long as temperatures are above 50 to 55 degrees, installing asphalt can still lend a quality looking job. There are tactics each paving contractor does that results in a quality finished job. Absolute Paving, Inc. is one of those companies that does the job right and well.

  • Is there still time to get my driveway done? All depends on the company. We, at Absolute Paving, have been fortunate to be busy constantly. Can we still be your first choice, YES! Haven't you heard the saying "good things come to those who wait" !! Most asphalt plants close down their production at end of December. But maybe a mild Winter will keep them open a bit longer, we are on board if that happens. So we will gauge what they do and what the weather brings day by day or week by week.

  • Does the paving company have time? ^^ I touched on that above a bit. Don't choose a company just out of haste, sometimes the fastest cheapest isn't always the best.

We hope this helps! But don't worry, we will blog some more and hopefully answer more of your questions!