Will this rain ever go away?! Even paving can have ups and downs. Weather is crucial to paving. A good paving company will take caution and not just pave to pave. There is an art to it. One thing is for sure, the rain can't stay forever, or at least we hope !! Maryland is always giving us surprises for weather, we just have to roll with it and adapt.

Can we still asphalt pave in the rain? If we have started a project and the rain begins in the process we can continue as long as it doesn't saturate and hinder the process. A light drizzle is ok. A huge downpour may bring us to a halt.

if my driveway is just paved, can it get wet from the rain? Yes! It is perfectly fine, plus it will cool it down. Still stay off of it for the period of time you were instructed. Plus, you can tell how it drains too. So there are some pluses!

I do wish it would stop raining so we can get back to work!!! Absolute Paving is busy and we need plenty of good weather to get it all done!!